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I am a photographer + people lover. I’m originally from Melboune, Australia but have spent the last 15 years based on the east coast of America, via Asia for a few years in the middle.

Much of my work nowadays is as a motion picture still photographer. I  create promo images to entice viewer's to watch the film. These include publicity stills of unit coverage,  behind the scene's production images of actor's + crew.

In the “in between" I serve a variety of private wedding, editorial + corporate clients in presenting their most fabulous visual image.  I love my work + exposure to the world my camera allows me.

And the real deal if your still interested .......

I’m a Taurean, my favorite color’s are Orange + Grey. I am obsessed with photography, blogging and all things [apple].

I’ll shoot anything you want to remember or need to promote.

I love negative space + “choose” the moment to press the shutter.

I have two grown gor-juss kids, a huge dog + an oversized cat. Love big things.

I love people, chocolate, movies + [allsaints] clothing. I always bring my art, passion, instinct + dedication to the set.

I’m natural light chaser + have lived in 4 countries. I’m eclectic, pragmatic + have been diagnosed with mild [ADD].

I adore all animals, adopt a lot + speak basic Italian. I’ve learned well when to provide direction or just let things roll on.

I love the sun, the ocean, running with my dog + hot yoga.I’m a sucker for anything vintage, adore art + traveling.

I’d love to know YOU … coffee’s good, wine is fine, your place or mine?

Live simply ~ T.

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