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I am a photographer + people lover. Originally from Melboune, Australia, I’ve spent the last two decades in Atlanta, watching the city evolve from hosting the 1996 Olympic Games to becoming the Hollywood of the South.

With the influx of TV and motion pictures being filmed here, nowadays my sweet spot is shooting celebrities. I create promo images, publicity stills and behind-the-scenes production shots of the of actors + crew to entice viewers to watch the films.

In the in between I love the variety of private wedding, editorial + corporate clients I work with. My camera allows me into their worlds so that I can capture their most fabulous visual image. I’ll shoot anything you want to remember or need to promote. I love negative space and natural light. I always bring my art, passion, instinct + dedication to the set. I love finding the right moment to press the shutter + I’ve learned well when to provide direction or just let things roll on.

Behind the camera, I’m a Taurus and my favorite colors are orange + grey. I love chocolate, movies, the sun, the ocean, running with my dog + hot yoga. I’m a sucker for anything vintage, adore art + love traveling. And I’m obsessed with allsaints clothing + all things apple. I have two grown gor-juss kids, a huge dog + an oversized cat. I adore all animals and adopt a lot. I have lived in 4 countries and I speak basic Italian. I’m eclectic, pragmatic + have been diagnosed with mild ADD ... creative bonus!

Live simply ~ T.

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